Municipal Focus is published by Kweda Media & Communications (PTY) Ltd, a 100% black, female owned, Proudly South African Company, located in Plumstead, Cape Town.
The Municipal Focus Publication focuses on local government and provides an in-depth look at critical issues that affect the work of the municipalities and livelihood of the communities within them, and provides a platform for government and the private sector to showcase their products and services that will help provide an enabled environment so that the regions can thrive.
Good management practices and successes within both the public and private sectors are showcased and celebrated to provide an account of the work that is been done and to proved examples of service delivery excellence.
It is the ultimate source of information and business intelligence for government officials in local and provincial government and is targeted at Municipal Managers, CFO’s, Tender and Purchasing Officers, and decision-makers at provincial and national government level, including members of Executive Committees (MEC’s), HOD’s, Engineers and  IT, Finance and Environmental Managers.
The publication is also relevant to elected councilors at municipal level, officials at semi-government agencies and those wanting to do business with the government.




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